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July 1, 2019

Why have a digital copy of your print publication

About half of readers still prefer to read print, but the number of digital readers is growing. It’s important, therefore, to have a digital presence. However, not all newspapers are ready to run a full news website, while some readers simply want their favorite newspapers or magazines in a more portable electronic format. That’s where epaper comes in. Epaper is an electronic replica of a full issue of a newspaper or magazine that offers the familiar look of print with the functionality of digi

June 10, 2019

Five Fundamentals for a Subscription-based Business

A media company wins a Google Digital Journalism Innovation Award for its membership-based model built to help drive editorial content. Other news media are moving toward digital subscription models to combat falling ad revenue. Still others are experimenting with new ways to leverage audience data to guide content in ways that will keep readers engaged and attract new ones. Digital subscriptions are taking an increasingly important role in the media – newspapers, magazines, newsletters and bro

May 28, 2019

The Case for Publisher Direct Native Advertising

By Peter Marsh, VP Marketing Advertisers are putting a greater portion of their budgets into native advertising, and with good reason. Recent studies show that native ads are widely accepted by readers, and they are more trusted than their traditional counterparts. According to a Reuter’s report, 75 percent of customers say they will engage in content that is relevant and piques their interest whether it is branded or not. Native ads are also proven to result in higher click-through rates, lead

May 20, 2019

9 cyber security tips to protect your computer at work (and at home)

By Karina Fabian Did you know that ransomware is expected to cause 11.5 billion dollars [] in damages in 2019? Phishing attacks have gotten more sophisticated, to the point of mimicking trusted friends or supervisors. Supply chain/third-party attacks are on the rise, and as AI/ML continues to grow, those tools are being used in cybercrimes as well. Here at Naviga, we take steps to protect not only ourselves b

May 6, 2019

Valuing Cryptocurrency Trends using social signals

By Kai Charette, Founder, Alttra Evaluating the cryptocurrency market is difficult. The majority of traditional finance models depend heavily on past sales data. Cryptocurrency has huge potential, but the technology is at risk of a bottleneck in its adoption curve. This makes it hard to assess in terms of price, and thus putting a value on it for trade. Nonetheless, this is an important space to watch right now. Institutional adoption is happening because the industry is moving in the right di