Streamline your Quote-to-Cash workflow for books and other merchandise

We make end-to-end supply chain management a breeze. Our platform manages multi-channel order creation through warehouse fulfillment.

Process orders and manage inventory in real time

Save time and money with real-time order processing, automated picklist generation and inventory control, including effortless returns management.

Optimize your royalty and rights process

Streamline complex royalty agreements and rights management. Enter contracts, monitor advances against sales and returns, pay royalties and generate author payments and statements.

Ecommerce functionality that enables customers to self-service

Automate your business, streamline operations and drive customer engagement with a customized eCommerce site, including product categorization, shopping cart functionality, real-time payment options, automated upselling capabilities, order history and account management functionality.

Maximize your revenue streams

Easily manage and monitor book sales, subscriptions and renewals from a single system. Generate statements, issue invoices and send collections letters. Automate your revenue calculations with an integrated module to manage your AR, AP and GL.

We’ve been on Naviga Inventory since May of 2014. Everyone on the team that helped us with the transition and since has been great to work with. We still learn more every day!

Mary Smith

Davis Publications | Controller

Naviga Inventory Features

Leverage a modern ERP solution purpose-built for the book business.


Automate, integrate and optimize your workflows.

Real-time order processing & inventory control

Ensure your inventory stays up to date with real-time order processing and effortless returns management.  From the moment an item is purchased, the quantity is reserved against inventory.  Notifications to the warehouse can configured to meet your schedule.

Royalty & rights management

Monitor, process, pay and report on royalties, including tracking advances against sales, returns and selling sub rights.  Generate royalty statements and 1099 forms.

Warehouse feed monitoring

Feed multiple warehouses and integrate with popular manifesting systems for on-time and accurate fulfillment.

Automated EDI

Automate and support transactions with key trading partners like Amazon and Barnes & Noble and many others.  Our automated EDI process works with integrators Unitech or TruCommerce.


Deploy a self-service eCommerce engine supporting print, digital, merchandise and combinations.

Customizable eCommerce site

Build and brand your eCommerce site to include marketing material, catalog pages, shopping cart functionality, real-time payment options, product categorization, suggestive selling, account management and much more.

CRM for book sales

Generate and track pipeline opportunities, manage customer communications, monitor campaigns and create proforma orders across multiple types of products.

Accounts payable & receivable

Create invoices, statements, collections letters and other important documents with just a few clicks.  Process receiptsand payments directly within the system.


Data driven decisions to maximize your revenue.

Order history tracking

Leverage your customers purchased history for future marketing campaigns.  Provide suggestive selling of other products.

Analytics where it matters

Derive insights from eCommerce data points to optimize site traffic, productive offers and ultimately minimize cart abandonment.

Sales reporting & analytics

Identify trends and opportunities via sales reports, including year-over-year comparisons, product performance, pipeline, pacing and custom reports.

Contact List Creation & Distribution

Easily retrieve lists and distribute contact information for marketing campaigns.

Book Audience Dynamics

Globally, there are over 10,000 content publishers creating long cycle content for distribution. They may have similar business models, but their individual workflows can be quite complex.


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