Drive better audience engagement

Good decisions start with good data

Good data is imperative to making well informed decisions. Yet ensuring you have relevant, quality data can present a challenge. From access to reliability to timeliness, data can be difficult to uncover and organize. With Naviga Discover we help you not only access data, but hone in on the data that can help you optimize your engagement with subscribers. Our extensive database of information based on your subscription base combined with regular updates and integrity checks provides businesses with a relevant picture of their campaigns, subscribers and engagements helping them to make better decisions.

Data-driven engagement with subscribers

Knowing your subscribers is one thing. Knowing how best to engage them is quite another. With relevant data at your fingertips, Naviga Discover can help you automate and understand the engagement of your subscribers. From the presentation of subscriber behavior to automated workflow and continuous conversations we help you know the exact moments when customers are taking or ready to take action allowing you to optimize whats working and rethink whats not.

Powerful analytics deliver actionable insights

The more time you spend trying to find data the less time you have to take action. With easy to use and automatic analytics capabilities, Naviga Discover can help you shift more of your time towards action. Whether you are looking for a regular report to help your everyday decisions or a highly customized report to get to the bottom of an issue, we provide you with the reporting you need on your schedule.

Naviga Discover Features

Drive better audience engagement.

Data Management

Ensure the accuracy and relevancy of customer data.

Comprehensive marketing database

View and engage with all of your customer event and transactional data in one central location. 

Nightly refresh

Nightly refreshes ensure you have the most up-to-date and comprehensive sets of data to support your engagement activities.

Data integrity

Manage data hygiene, optimize values and conduct business rules based decisions to ensure fresh and accurate data sets.

Marketing Automation

Deliver data-driven engagement with subscribers.

Easy access to data

Present data in an easy to consume view to support more informed subscriber engagement.

Automated campaign workflows

Set up marketing communications for target audiences based on data segmentation and a propensity for action.

Continuous conversations

Set up a conversation to run automatically based on key data and triggers.

Newsletter support

Build, manage and integrate newsletter and subscriber data into your engagement cycle activities.


Powerful analytics to help drive new subscriptions.

Automatic reporting

View automatic KPI reports based on new data, campaign results, subscribers and more.

Highly customized reports

Tailor data to the highest priority needs of the business and key stakeholders.

Response behavior analytics

Understand campaign results and optimize actions based on what is most effective within your subscriber base.


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