2022-11-17 Naviga

How The Independent Turned the Page on a Print-First Strategy

Learn how The Independent turned the page on a Print-First Strategy with Naviga's Content Engagement Platform.

Here’s How the Independent Turned the Page on a Print-First Strategy with the Naviga Content Engagement Platform 

Independent Online is one of South Africa’s leading news and information websites. They wanted to maximize revenues from digital subscribers, so they embraced a two-step plan for digital transformation. 

  1.  Their two-CMS, print-first system had to be replaced with a single, streamlined, digital-first CMS. 
  2. They needed to modernize their digital subscription, engagement, and ad management systems. 

The Naviga Content CMS and Writer dashboard unified print and digital production into a digital-first workflow that has the flexibility to serve both mediums the content they need to accomplish their first stage of digital transformation.  

And our Commerce Platform empowered the kind of digital subscription model The Independent was counting on for the second stage of their digital transformation by providing day-zero delivery of digital editions to print subscribers and enabling digital-only subscription offers. 

“We’ve taken the strategic view that we need to try and maximize digital subscription revenues, and the Naviga platform has helped to lay the foundation for us to get where we want to be.” 

With the Naviga Suite in place, The Independent and its entire group are ready to take the next step on the path to a modern, digital-first publishing operation. 

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