Automating the creative process

Publishing is undergoing a dramatic transformation with print sales in decline and multi-platform digital content rapidly becoming the preferred medium of consumption. Wave2 has developed a suite of products that allow publishers to reinvent their business.

Empower marketers across sales regions

Whatever content you wish to create, for whichever platform or media you choose, Wave2 software allows you to easily create and control corporate communications in-house.

Automate the production of creative material

Wave2 offers a range of multi-platform products that transform the way production agencies and corporate brand marketers produce business collateral, adverting and creative content.

Reach out across multiple channels

Our multi-channel publishing, marketing and advertising solutions make it easy to inform and engage current customers and to attract new audiences.

Ad Building Automation Features

Brand Management

Automate the creation of business collateral and empower sales teams in all regions.

Brand Consistency

Effective content creation within corporate entities is essential for all modern businesses. The corporate message needs to adhere to set design criteria, specific brand guidelines across multiple regional and international audiences. Wave2’s automates this production process. 

Localization across regions

The Wave2 platform allows for automated artwork adaptation and re-sizing for different print and digital formats. It incorporates full personalization as well as localization and translation of collateral. It also supports distribution across digital, mobile and print. 

Easy editing

No design or creative skills are necessary to use Wave2. This allows marketing and sales teams to develop high quality creative content easily. Intuitive templates let the user edit text, images and layout before automatically creating visually perfect collateral.

Flexibility while ensuring compliance

Individual offices can respond quickly to events in their local area whilst remaining compliant with brand guidelines. Multi-platform campaigns can be created and rolled out across regions quickly, protecting brand integrity but also tailoring content for each individual audience.

Content Automation

Smart, automated design solutions.

Creative Services Solutions

Our creative service solutions are able to build a wide variety of documents, reports, online banners, print display ads, mobile ads, animated video and posters – all of which can be distributed across digital, mobile and print, seamlessly. 

Customer specific requirements

Different templates can also be created according to specific customer requirements, which allows for the rapid fulfilment of orders as well as meeting strict brand guidelines. Even multi-lingual assignments can be completed easily with Wave2’s innovative copy translation tool. 

Industry Standard Apps

Using Adobe technology, the automated solutions can produce virtually any creative content in multiple formats, sizes and colors almost instantaneously. The modular, scalable solutions also provide rules and branding templates that allow users to create a wide range of items quickly and easily. 

Maximize profit margins

Automating the creative process streamlines production costs, reduces creative resource requirements and significantly cuts costs. This in turn enhances profit margins, increases customer satisfaction whilst maintaining consistent, high-quality output. 


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