Our platform, your toolbox

Extend Naviga’s functionality using our open system and your development teams.

▹ Open Content API 

With the Naviga Open Content repository as your central content storage point, your content is not only accessible to Naviga’s tools, but also to third-party applications or your internal tools via the Open Content API. 

▹ Add your functionality

The Naviga Content Creation tools are built atop a plug-in architecture. You can develop your own Dashboard applications and Writer plug-ins, or work with a third party to access external tools and content repositories. 

▹ Use our platform, or yours

With the Naviga Content Creation Tools and the Open Content API, you can focus on your reader-facing presentation platforms without having to worry about newsroom tools, hosting or infrastructure. 

Naviga Developer's Tools Features

Open Content API

Well-documented REST API for accessing content.

Access your content

The platform-agnostic Naviga Writer provides the basic building blocks of an article, with no limits to the number of custom fields and attributes you need to present your stories.

Developer friendly

Clear documentation and familiar methods for search and retrieval of articles and photos.

Safe and secure

Naviga provides 24×7 monitoring and a dedicated cybersecurity team, ensuring that your data is always safe.

We absolutely love it. I’ve worked here for 20 years and have been around for several system changes in the newsroom, but this is the first time that absolutely everyone is expressing 100% joy over it.

David Karlsson

Head of Development | Stampen Media

Content Creation API

Upload stories and photos from anywhere.

Documented format

Get clear documentation for uploading articles and photos using our structured formats.

Safe and robust

Upload a document or several million documents to our Amazon Web Services-based environment with no worries.

Integrate easily

Feed content from legacy systems and develop applications using our well-documented methods.

Plugin development

Add your own functionality to Naviga’s proven platform.

JavaScript and React

Your developers can work with proven frameworks to add functionality for your newsroom.

Let us help

Naviga provides training and support for development teams to ensure your team is getting maximum value from the Content Creation Tools platform. 

Developer community

Get in touch with Naviga developers and customer developers from around the world through our user groups.


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