2022-07-20 Donna Beasley

A Look at the Top 25 US Print Circulations

Learn how Naviga is working with the top US newspapers for print and digital solutions

When the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) released their most recent list of top 25 Newspapers in the US based on their latest average print circulation, it was encouraging to see so many great companies that partner with Naviga.  

As a matter of fact, 20 of the top 25 rely on at least one of Naviga’s solutions to power their business!  

The product lines they are using span across all aspects of the publishing landscape from advertising management to audience management to content creation – for both print and digital. This is a very important fact to point out. While this list called out the Top 25 print circulations in the US, all of these publishers understand the importance of having a strong digital strategy, as well. In fact, most, if not all, would say they are trying to preserve as much of their print readership (and revenue) as possible while simultaneously building strategies to expand their digital presence.  

The blueprint for expanding the digital footprint is not the same for all publishers, so it is important to have software solutions that allow the flexibility for each publisher to map that strategy for themselves. Naviga is uniquely positioned in the publishing industry to offer world-class solutions in advertising, audience and content.  

Congratulations to our 20 partners that made the list of Top 25 US Newspapers: 


Naviga Solution Being Utilized 

Wall Street Journal  Advertising and Audience 
USA Today  Audience and Content 
New York Post  Advertising and Audience 
Chicago Tribune  Content and Installing Advertising 
Star Tribune  Advertising, Audience and Content 
Tampa Bay Times  Advertising, Audience and Content 
Newsday  Advertising and Audience 
Honolulu Star-Advertiser  Advertising and Audience 
Arizona Republic  Content   
Boston Globe  Advertising 
Dallas Morning News  Advertising and Audience 
Houston Chronicle  Advertising 
Philadelphia Inquirer  Advertising and Audience 
San Francisco Chronicle  Installing Advertising 
Denver Post  Advertising 
Chicago Sun-Times  Advertising and Audience 
The Buffalo News  Content   
Daily News  Content   
Villages Daily Sun  Advertising and Audience 
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  Content