Drive engagement, conversions and revenue

Create content that compels

Great content isn’t just well written, or nice looking. Great content compels the reader. Whether the goal is to think, engage or share, content needs to be built to make readers take actions. With Naviga Engage you can see what content is driving the most action within your reader base and use that information to create compelling, consistent campaigns with the right look and feel to drive better results.

Data drives better engagement

Gut feelings are great. Data is even better. By combining the collective understanding your business has of the needs and actions of your readers with the quantitative data and analytics gathered from content and campaigns, businesses can continuously optimize for better engagement. Our end-to-end behavior analytics combined with integrated data sources helps you to take action moving customers closer to subscription.

Understand and maintain customer engagement

The most critical time in a customer’s engagement journey is after you have sparked their interest. This is when you need to guide them and provide increasingly compelling and customized content to move them towards subscription. From audience segmentation helping you understand and take action around your prospect base to providing critical assets in a cohesive campaign, Naviga Engage helps you meet prospects at every step of their journey.

Naviga Engage Features

Create, manage and analyze your audience.


Deliver highly personalized and compelling campaigns.

Template building

Create easy to use and repeatable templates to make campaign building quick and effective.

Control content viewership

Deliver the right content at the right time for a highly personalized reader experience.

Design the right look and feel

Ensure a compelling and on-brand design for a more engaging prospect experience.


Understand and maintain prospect engagement.

Cross publisher

Quickly and easily manage and deploy content across multiple publishers and systems.

Audience segmentation

Group prospects based on defining characteristics for a targeted campaign and content approach.

Whitelabel IP addresses

Allow designated groups like partners or stakeholders access to content without running into paywall locked content.


Powerful analytics to help drive new subscriptions.

Google Analytics reporting

Integrate with Google Analytics to monitor key KPIs and changes.

Public events reporting

Leverage public events to add Engage analytics to your existing tool set for deeper insights into subscriber behavior.

End-to-end behavior analytics

Dive into a full view of activity and data to understand a prospect’s propensity to subscribe.


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