2023-01-11 Naviga

How Farm Journal Advanced Digital Operations

Learn how Farm Journal advanced their digital operations with Naviga Ad.

Here’s How Farm Journal is advancing digital operations with Naviga Ad. 

Farm Journal is the leading provider of agricultural content in the United States. 

With its continued rapid growth, the standardization and simplification of its digital operations quickly became a necessity. 

They had two main pain points to address. 

First, they wanted to move away from manually tracking information across multiple isolated systems. 

Second, they wanted to adopt an integrated CRM so that they could use an automated sales funnel and could also forecast ad demand. 

After implementing Naviga Ad, Farm Journal now has the systems in place to support functions that were happening ad-hoc before, including multi-platform inventory management, pipeline development, Google Ad Management integration for more efficient order entry, and much more. 

“Now, you are breaking habits, you are changing processes, and, ultimately, we’re using this to change our entire culture.” 

With Naviga Ad, Farm Journal has been able to overcome institutional inertia and embrace digital transformation to take their business to the next level.


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