Tools to automate your production process

Add on options for your artists and ad layout teams that provide real time updates to Naviga Ad.

Bridge between order entry and ad creation

Naviga Ad is the hub for all your order management processes, including copy chasing, creating ads and planning the ads on the pages.

Integration to InDesign

Naviga has built extensions into InDesign that can provide your artists with a real time view in the order management database.

Integration with Naviga Plan

Ads entered in Naviga Ad flow directly to Naviga Plan using our APIs. Once the ads are laid out, page numbers and eTearsheet URLs are captured in Naviga Ad. Naviga Plan is integrated with a variety of editorial CMS systems.

Automation for your pagination operations

Naviga Plan is a system that supports both classified pagination and ad dummying. It has a full range of automatic planning features and stacking algorithms.

Production Workflow Features

Artist Workflow

Integrate with InDesign to simplify the workflow
between order entry and ad building.

Configuration Options

Multiple production statuses can be created to track exactly where you stand with copy chasing your creatives. Dashboards allow you to track by artist, product or date, so you can easily see what needs attention. 

Worklist Management

Artists can be assigned specific materials to create from the order management system, or you can have a common pool or items that the artists select from.  Both queues are visible in InDesign, so everything the artist needs to get started is in one place. 

Ad Creation

Artists are able to see all the components that have previously been associated with the ad that they are creating. Production notes are also available to view. They can track the time they spend working on the artwork. And they are able to send emails directly from InDesign if they need more details. 


Once the artwork is completed, the artist can upload the final output back to the order management database. A preview .jpg and a hi-res .pdf are included. This provides your team with a centralized storage of all assets in the database. 

Page Planning

Tools for outputting your ads to print.

One stop for Classified and ROP

Naviga Plan is built to handle all types of print ads. A single template can include classified liners, obits, legals and display ads. This can streamline your process by having a single person layout the entire publication. 

Output Options

Once the plan is completed, the user can output to a variety of sources. There is a native integration to Naviga’s  Content system. It also supports exporting to InDesign or many 3rd party content systems. 

Robust Feature Set

Naviga Plan has all the tools you need to efficiently lay out a publication. You can manually place ads that need special attention and then let the system automatically place the rest. 

Ability to view in Naviga Ad

Naviga Ad has the ability to view the layout that was created in Naviga Plan. It is read only, but it allows others in your organization to be able to see a preview of the pages. 


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