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The premise is simple…you have a message you want to deliver. You need it delivered to the audience that wants to receive it, and you want to monetize it effectively. It used to be that you picked from a handful of channels, television, newspaper, magazine or radio; put your message out; and people came to you to find out what you had to say. Today, the landscape is exponentially more complicated. All those same channels exist but now we have digital only, streaming, multi device, on demand, podcasts and the list goes on and on. Naviga is here to help you overcome your challenges.



Create, enrich, deliver and monetize your content

– Create your content for any channel
– Engage your audiences in a whole new way
– Manage your advertising from end to end
– Streamline book publishing quote-to-cash processing

Commerce & Distribution

Transform your content into digital products

– Distribute your content globally
– Best-in-class publisher apps & newsstands
– Digital delivery and fulfillment services

Entertainment Media

The future of MediaTech

– Enterprise rights management
– Audience insights, forecasting, optimization
– Advanced analytics & AI to maximize ad revenue

"Over 14,100 media and publishing companies, both big and small, are growing their business with Naviga"

Success Stories & Latest News

See how Naviga supports global media organizations.


How Naviga Helped Bayard Drive Subscription Customer Growth With The Naviga Fulfillment Portal

In this case study, we share how Bayard partnered with Naviga to develop a 360-view of their customers and drive bulk digital subscriptions.


Lessons Learned from Capturing XML

XML may be the most basic content tagging language, but there is a lot to discuss around what it is and how Naviga solves challenges associated with it.


RSG Media Bests MIT, NYU, and Carnegie Mellon to Take Home the 2022 INFORMS RM&P Section Practice Award

RSG Media has been announced as the winner of the 2022 INFORMS RM&P Practice Award for their advancements in the science of pricing and revenue management for using machine learning & predictive modeling to schedule television advertisements more profitably.



Naviga provides business critical functionality required for daily use in areas including subscription delivery, content creation and ad placement.


Build amazing content with a suite of authoring, management, and publishing tools.

Drive prospects toward subscription with personalized and engaging experiences.

Take control of your advertising operation from lead management through cash collections.

Streamline your quote-to-cash workflow. Make end-to-end supply chain management a breeze.


6 Keys to Ad Sales Pipeline Visibility

How can publishers take the next step forward to bring more transparency, predictability and accountability to their ad sales pipeline?


The Audience Journey


Balancing Print and Digital

Tomorrow’s challenges demand an agile partner that offers access to a flexible suite of solutions and expertise. We’re prepared to help our customers with what lies over the horizon.

Scott Roessler
CEO | Naviga

Commerce & Distribution

Transform your content into digital products that can be distributed and monetized across any channel.

Distribute your content globally across the broadest array of channels with an automated reformatting and publishing process.

Best-in-class publisher apps & newsstands offering a powerful suite of features and a best-in-class reader experience.

Add value to your existing print subscriber base by providing instant digital access to your current issues with ZINIO Fulfill.

Entertainment Media

Radical AI insights drive revenues from rights, audience, and advertising.

Manage the rights of all the content you have acquired and commissioned, so you can efficiently keep track of all those assets and use them in a way to maximize revenue.

RSG Media’s Audience Platform is a cloud-based AI-Decision-Making Platform for media companies to decide data for radical insights across their content, advertising and marketing inventories.

The Naviga Platform

Purpose-Built for hybrid print and digital use-cases

Mission-critical for managing key workflows across the entire content lifecycle

Trusted for best-in-class product reliability

Seamless, fully-integrated multi-pillar platform application driving customer synergies

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