2023-05-18 Naviga

Meet the Naviga Team: Neetu Singh

Learn about Neetu Singh from our Executive team in our “Meet the Team” interview series.

We’re excited to bring you the next installation of our “Meet the Team” interview series, where we share what our team members are doing to help media-rich industries across the globe. Today, we share our interview with Neetu Singh from our Executive team.


Neetu Singh 


What is your rol at Naviga?

My role is to engage and develop talent at all levels by leveraging people, processes, and technology. At Naviga, in collaboration with my business leaders, I am planning and executing – simple and scalable talent initiatives globally. 


What is one of the most important lessons you have learned while working in this field?

Every organization is unique and requires a customized approach to address talent needs. Think out of the box to apply the best solution for your needs and not what you have learned in the past.


What does a typical day for you at Naviga look like?

I seek opportunities for ‘Interactions’ with my team, leaders, and employees to ‘align’ and ‘educate’ for a common understanding. Drive execution while partnering with my team and leaders for expected outcomes. 


What is most important to you outside of work?

Spending time with family, watching comedy shows, playing badminton, painting, and exploring new places. 


What has been one of the most interesting trends you have seen in the industry in the past six months?

Our industry is moving towards specialization and focusing on delivering the best by using the core expertise, therefore skill building is on the rise. Organizations are trying to rebuild the employee connect which was impacted largely due to Covid restrictions and taking various initiatives to bring teams together. 


Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? It can be a fun fact about yourself, something about what you do, insight into the industry, etc.

We are in the era of innovation and disruption where technology like ChatGPT and other automation can completely change job requirements. Therefore, continuous learning and building new skills are very important for growing in the future. 


Thank you for sharing, Neetu!