Tools to automate your production process

Manage exhibition sales, operations and collections workflows from a single solution.

Become a smooth operator

Manage your event and sponsorship sales process with an end-to-end, integrated CRM and stand bookings system that can optionally integrate directly with Salesforce.com. Users track opportunties, quotes, pipelines and orders for sales efficiency. The system also leverages integrated form-tracking and internal or external floor-plan integrations for better logistics planning and execution.

Maximize event sales and increase retention

Empower your sales team to offer multi-channel ad and booth space packages by a variety of factors: ad type, services, sponsorships, booth size, etc. Create discounts, custom billing schedules and multiple pricing methods. Increase retention by re-booking booths at the event or via automated renewals.

Generate actionable and flexible reports

Provide your Sales, Operations and Finance teams with comprehensive out-of-the-box reporting, including reports to manage pipelines, sales revenue v targets, year on year by category, flexible billing schedules and P&L reports by show. Ingest and leverage data from other popular third-party accounting systems.

Stay open 24x7

Help your customers help themselves by providing access to a robust self-service portal pre, during and post event. Let your exhibitors electronically sign contracts, view orders and pay invoices, whenever and from wherever.

Exhibition Management


Build flexible processes to support sales.

Customizable Sponsorship Packages

Easily generate statements that combine different types of event products and advertising opportunities with Naviga Ad integration.

Automated Sales Workflows

Set up automated workflows to manage, track and maximize sponsorship and booth sales.

Special Pricing and Discounts

Choose to sell stands by a flat fee, a tiered pricing model, by square footage or square meters.

"With 28 years in the Exhibition industry, we had been using antiquated systems and processes that weren’t fit for the purpose. Upgrading to Naviga Event has been a breath of fresh air. It’s a brilliant example of developers listening to client needs and working to develop a solution to streamline working practices and improve efficiencies, which ultimately helps increase our profit!"

Amber Jones, IT Support & Projects,

Warners Shows and Warners Group Publications


Maximize your event workflows.

Floor Planning Software

Utilize a sales-friendly floor plan that can integrate with third party software to drive sales or facilitate planning discussions.

Event Operations & Management Tools

Track and manage key upsell opportunities, such as premium carpet and internet access orders and more.

Accounting Software Integrations

Auto-flow your financial and accounting data into other third-party accounting software systems or take advantage if integrated Naviga accounting.

Forms Tracking

Help your exhibitors keep on top of needed paperwork.

Custom Billing Schedules

Support your vendors’ business requirements with flexible options for custom billing schedules.

100% Browser-based System

Access your exhibition management system from wherever, whenever.

Standardized Financial & Accounting Reports

Create P&L reports by show and benefit from a complete solution to manage your Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Fixed Assets.

Report Generation & Distribution

Auto-generate and create reports to deliver key information to the right people at the right time.

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