2023-02-15 Naviga

How Abacus Increases Revenue Through Digital Experiences

Learn How Abacus Is Helping Companies Grow Revenue with Tailored Digital Experiences


Today I want to introduce you to Abacus and explain how our software is helping businesses grow their revenue and engagement through tailored digital experiences.

At Abacus, we offer integrated cloud-based platforms that cover both content and audience management. Our content management system allows publishers to deliver responsive, sophisticated websites and feeds other platforms like apps and print.

Our customer data platform provides end-to-end subscription management and captures data in real time to drive the experience on the client’s website.

Our platforms have been developed by publishing experts, meaning we understand the business models of the people we serve and know how they need to evolve. As a SaaS platform, we are constantly evolving new features and functions to support emerging business models as they arise.

We work with a diverse range of clients, including B2B professional organizations, specialist publishers, and membership organizations. Whether their digital business model is advertising-driven, subscription-driven, member benefit-driven, or a mixture of all of these, our platforms help them increase engagement with their audience and drive their business goals.

At Abacus, our slogan is “it’s all about engagement” and we think of it as a stairway that covers the lifespan of your relationship with customers, starting with anonymous users and moving through various stages until they become your biggest marketing assets as advocates for your product or service.

If you’re looking to grow your revenue and engagement through tailored digital experiences, I invite you to learn more about Abacus and how we can help you achieve your business goals.


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