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Reasons to Attend the Upcoming Navigate 2022 Virtual Conference

Author: Diane Attanasio, Business Systems Manager at Newsday Media Group

I am eagerly looking forward to attending the upcoming Navigate 2022 Conference, a virtual event for Naviga customers in the publishing and magazine industries, to be held May 9-12, 2022. I will give you some background to explain my enthusiasm. 


Making the shift from in-person to virtual events

In May 2021, Naviga hosted its first fully virtual conference (Navigate 2021), a pioneering event of its kind – and it was quite a success! At the time, I was skeptical that Naviga would be able to duplicate the impact of its previous annual in-person conferences that I still recall with fondness. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the results achieved with Navigate 2021. The year before, I had been saddened when Naviga was forced to regretfully cancel the 2020 in-person conference due to the worldwide pandemic.  

While both Naviga and its customers, along with the rest of the world, were focusing their efforts on much greater priorities, Naviga’s conference team continued to keep in mind the importance of bringing back this event when the time was right to allow us to resume a sense of normalcy and continuity in the publishing industry, which was facing its own pandemic-related challenges. During that year, Naviga was able to masterfully re-invent this beloved conference, and morph it into something new for 2021. With its well-received virtual 2021 incarnation of the conference, Naviga customers have been able to realize some unexpected benefits from their new format, which they have since built upon and improved further for 2022. 


The benefits of attending Naviga’s virtual user conference

While there is somewhat of a trade-off to not being at the conference in person, we attendees from the Naviga customer side gained a lot in return. For one thing, my organization was able to have many more of its staff attend than in the past, thanks to no travel expenses. Also, Naviga does not charge a registration fee for Navigate!  There is only an optional $125 annual membership fee to the iConnect User’s Group, for your entire organization, if your company chooses to get further value from this.  The result is, for minimal cost and minimal disruption to your organization, many can take advantage of everything the conference has to offer: 

  1. Learn the latest about Naviga’s ever-expanding collection of products 
  2. Get up-to-speed about trends in the industry.   
  3. Attend specialized breakout sessions, so you can gain tips on Naviga’s  existing products your organization uses from Naviga’s impressive roster of experts, as well as from your peers at other customer sites – all of which you can readily share with your own organization. 
  4. Bring your list of system questions and get answers from some very knowledgeable and experienced people. 
  5. Join virtual networking sessions to share general information with other attendees. 

To learn more about the iConnect User’s group, just click here. 

Navigate 2022 was a huge success! Drive better engagement and learn how to navigate these market changes at every step of the content lifecycle, check out the OnDemand recordings from Navigate 2022 here.


About the Author:

Diane Attanasio is the Business Systems Manager at Newsday Media Group in Long Island, NY. She has been working in the publishing industry for more than 30 years. She has an MBA in Business Management from Dowling College, and a BA in Economics from CUNY Brooklyn College. 

About iConnect:

The iConnect users group represents companies who use products formerly from Atex, which are now owned by Naviga. These include AdBase, DTIConnect, Saxotech, and Mediaspan. Connect with them on Twitter (@icsusers) or at their website, www.iconnectsolutions.org.