2023-08-16 Naviga

Naviga’s Family Day in India

A Celebration of Connection and Joy

During August, Naviga hosted our first Family Day in our office in Noida. It wasn’t just an event; it was a beautiful expression of what we believe in. It was a celebration filled with games, creativity, and those little moments that make life so special. Rahul Thappa, Managing Director of India, described it this way:

“I’m thrilled to share the resounding success of our recent Naviga India CoE Family Day event, a heart-warming occasion that truly encapsulated the essence of our close-knit work community. After a year of remote work and a subsequent year in hybrid mode, it became essential for us to foster a sense of togetherness beyond our virtual interactions. Our new office space, acquired a year ago, provided the perfect opportunity to reconnect in person. The event welcomed our employees and their families into our workspace, offering family-members a first-hand look at where their loved ones contribute their talents, and moreover giving children the chance to bond and engage in a myriad of activities with their peers. The turnout was inspiring, with a diverse range of employees attending with parents and kids spanning all age groups. It was truly heart-warming to witness the joy on both parents’ and children’s faces as connections were made, memories were forged, and a sense of belonging was nurtured. Our Family Day stands as a testament to our commitment not only to our exceptional team but to the families who support them every step of the way.”


How the Day Unfolded

Games for Everyone: You could feel the excitement in the air as friends and families engaged in friendly competitions. Whether young or old, everyone joined in, creating a lively atmosphere that made the day unforgettable.

Creative Fun: The arts and crafts corner was a hit! Children and adults alike took the chance to explore their creativity, resulting in some truly unique works of art.

More Than Just Fun

Though filled with laughter and joy, the day was about something deeper. It was a reflection of our Naviga family – our unity, our shared values, and our genuine connection with one another. Chief Human Resources Officer for Naviga, Neetu Singh, put it best when she said, “This event created an opportunity to bond with employees and meet each other’s family members- spouse, parents, and little ones. We created and captured special moments throughout the day and were left feeling more connected with each other as a team.”

A Heartfelt Thanks

A big thanks to everyone on the Naviga India team. Your spirit, hard work, and enthusiasm made this day extraordinary. We could see the enjoyment in every single detail.

Looking Ahead

Naviga’s Family Day left us with fond memories and a renewed sense of connection. It’s a reminder of what we’re building together – a culture that’s supportive, engaging, and, inclusive.

Here’s to us, to more celebrations, and to all the incredible things we’ll achieve together. We’re not just a team; we’re family, and that’s something worth celebrating every single day.