Maximize efficiency through automation

Print is a key, vital driver of revenue for many publications. Maximize that revenue using Naviga’s automation solutions.

Automate and integrate traditional publishing operations

Streamline and modernize your business through customized workflows to manage the entire production process from start to finish.

Deliver a brand-driven look and feel

Deliver a reliable, fully autonomous version of your paper without sacrificing the look and feel that your readers have come to know and love.

Focus on creating great content

Empower your team to focus on creating engaging content and not worrying about using a complicated, outdated set of tools.


Empower your newsroom to work smarter with AI/ML technology for print manufacturing 

Naviga Publisher, powered by, an artificial intelligence system by The Globe and Mail, automates the print manufacturing workflow for an entire publication. 

Your design

The Block Builder feature utilizes Adobe InDesign server technology to apply a newsroom’s typographic styles and ensure all elements of a story are properly measured and sized. 

Page builder

The Page Builder feature utilizes Adobe InDesign server technology to accurately render the blueprints into full PDFs and InDesign editable files.

Naviga Publisher and have enabled our news organization to develop the same level of quality newspaper with fewer resources. This enables us to re-allocate those resources to driving better content and increased subscriptions.

Øyvind Klausen

Øyvind Klausen

Agderposten | Editor-in-Chief 

Naviga Publisher

Smart-based print manufacturing
and ePaper publishing
powered by

Naviga Templates empowers publishers to automate print layout elements, creating a foundation for increased digital resources and growth. 

Boost print efficiency

Spend less time adjusting articles to print with flexible layout templates that can automatically adjust layout elements and design variations for an article to fit into a planned space. 

Simplify template management

Add flexibility to your standard layout. Using Naviga Templates will dramatically reduce the number of article templates needed instead of creating a template for every possible layout option. 

Powered by InDesign

Naviga Templates is powered by the go-to application for print page designers, Adobe InDesign. It can be configured for use in both InDesign Desktop and InDesign Server.

Five steps to a fully automated print edition

Print Manufacturing by the Numbers*

*2020 Naviga Print Production Process Survey


of total effort to deliver a newspaper is involved with page layout and copy fitting


of newsroom resources are dedicated to the print manufacturing process


Average ROI per year for adding print automation


of publishers are considering print automation


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