2022-10-05 Sam Applebaum

Digital Transformation: An Inside Look at Naviga’s Customer Success Stories

Naviga celebrates National Newspaper Week and shares a round-up of customer success stories.

Our Naviga customers continue to wow us every day with their dedication to innovate and modernize their businesses. We’d like to take this time at the end of Newspaper Week to recognize their commitment to improve their processes with Naviga products.

This week has been the 82nd celebration of the annual tradition of National Newspaper Week, which is dedicated to recognizing the service of newspapers and their employees. This week’s observance feels a little more special after everything newspaper and publishing companies have gone through the past year while having to quickly shift to the digital world. For this reason, we wanted to highlight a few of our customer success stories.


The Independent South Africa

The Independent South Africa is a major newspaper distributor in their country, but they found themselves struggling to integrate print and digital. The Independent started falling behind as their competitors were integrating digital-first workflows. They found Naviga as a company that can help them replace their print-first system with a single, streamlined, digital-first CMS while helping them modernize their digital subscriptions, ad management, and engagement. The Naviga Content platform helped The Independent transform into a digital-first CMS with the flexibility to serve both print and digital. For their other problems, they turned to Naviga’s Commerce, Audience, and Advertising platforms to allow them to maximize digital subscription revenue and streamline their app development process so readers can have the best-in-class reader experience.

Read the full case study here.

Aller Media

Aller Media has become the leading publisher of newspapers and magazines in the Nordic region after growing the number of all-you-can-read paying subscribers by 36% in their first year with Naviga Commerce. Using Naviga Commerce’s white-label newsstand, Aller Media has made their reader experience top of their class, “where you can switch between the traditional page format and a new, innovative text-reading feature” with a “beautiful design optimized for mobile.”

Read the full case study here.

Farm Journal

Farm Journal has rapidly grown to become the leading provider of agricultural content in the United States. Their massive growth exposed that they needed to standardize and simplify their digital operations. Their current systems were hindering their digital advancement, so they started looking for a solution. They came upon Naviga Ad as a full lead-to-cash solution that would improve integration and transparency across the company. Naviga Ad helped Farm Journal identify a funnel of 531 known sales opportunities from implementation as well as helped them solve their digital operations problems.

Read the full case study here.

McPherson Media Group

McPherson Media Group serves an audience of more than 2.5 million people in the Australian states of Victoria and New South Wales. They had found themselves facing two problems: they weren’t selling as many newspapers as they ordered, and their tech stack was too wide and fractured across many different vendors and products. By partnering with Naviga to use products like Naviga Ad, Naviga Content, Naviga Mobile and more, they were able to unify systems under one vendor and reduce IT costs.

Read the full case study here.


These are just a few stories of how newspaper companies are constantly innovating their businesses and how Naviga can help your publishing company grow your business and convert to a platform that efficiently balances print and digital. Thank you to all of those working in the newspaper industry and Happy Newspaper Week to all!

This blog post was originally published October 8, 2021.