Simplifying complex processes

NCS Circ streamlines your subscription management, billing, production and distribution.

Manage print and digital subscription together

Allow print subscribers to seamlessly move from print to digital through various upgrade / downgrade offers.

Intuitive self-service tools

Make it easy for Subscribers, Carriers, Distributors and District Manages to access real time information and manager their accounts.

Create flexible pricing options for your subscribers

With rule-based pricing, subscribers can find the right offer to meet their needs. CSRs do not have to scroll through endless lists of options.

Naviga NCS Circ Features


Connect your back office systems to your front-end subscriptions platforms.

Billing system integration

Integrate with payment processing providers including Cybersource, Payway and Braintree to support credit card, ACH and new payment methods.

Powerful reporting tools

Use BI tools to create custom analytics that provide insight into your business.

Integrate with IVR or other external vendors to extend the functionality of the system.


Manage both single copy and home delivery distribution.

From production to delivery

Automate press room reports, delivery lists, truck manifest and mail distribution.

Distribution maintenance

Intuitive drop and drag tools to manage depot, outlet and drop detail.

Allow your Carriers, Distributors and District Mangers to access a self-service portal to download their delivery document, invoices and messages. Allow them to enter their own returns or request draw changes.

Draw management

Maximize your draw.

Draw Management

Tools to simplify draw management, draw optimization and realignment.

Manage returns

Flexible options from Imports, Scan Based Trading and Entry from web site.

Rule automation

Define rule for Max and Min % change or Return at Route level.

New subscription events


Payment transaction events


New paywall start events


Delivery issue and temporary stop events


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