2022-09-29 Robert Shehadeh

4 Key UX Features for Digital Payment Methods

Learn about how digital payment methods affect the checkout process

Today’s readers want to be able to select their product or service on your website and quickly purchase. That’s why many publishers have taken the approach of “less is more” when building their checkout processes!  

Here are 4 key UX features your business needs to incorporate to decrease abandoned digital carts and increase conversions. 


Reduce the number of checkout steps  

The best strategy to boost conversions is to make your checkout experience as straightforward as possible. Around 70% of customers across all industries abandon their checkouts. Mobile users have an even higher abandonment rate. So, it’s no surprise that clients prefer a less complicated, one-page checkout to seal the deal. The less information you require to complete the digital subscription, the higher the conversion rate.  


Reduce the number of form fields 

In the same vein, reducing the number of form fields that clients must fill out is one of the ways you can dramatically improve your webpages and make the checkout process easier. For example, addresses for billing and shipping are usually the same. Why not allow your clients to check a box and save themselves from having to input the information again if these two addresses are the same?


Make account creation optional 

The necessity of creating an account in order to make a transaction is a factor that frequently causes drop-offs. Don’t be fooled, a lot of clients will view this as an extra step that slows down the purchasing process and is both cumbersome and unneeded. Offering customers an alternate way to check out, such as with their Google account, is one approach to prevent this. So, this way they only need to submit their payment information, and they’re done.


Offer multiple payment options  

Meeting your clients’ demands, no matter what they may be, is ultimately what improving efficiency at your checkout is all about. This includes enabling digital payment methods to customers whether it is PayPal, Apple Pay, or their credit card. Your consumers can avoid one of the most unpleasant aspects of online shopping—looking for their wallet—by having options other than debit or credit cards.

Competition in all markets will continue to get stronger, and most customers will go to the business who offers the best experience and the quickest solution. Let us help you be the one to capture that value.  

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