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Integrate on your terms

From billing to circulation, your customer is often represented in multiple systems. But that shouldn’t be an excuse for slow, unfriendly user experiences or clunky engagements for your subscribers. With Naviga Subscribe we integrate with the systems you already use for a more seamless user experience for both you and your subscriber.

Create custom purchase workflows

Every business has different needs when it comes to purchasing. With Naviga Subscribe you can collect all the data you need while minimizing friction. Our purchase workflow can collect as little as an email address and payment method before taking a digital start or as much as user registration, full address and phone number. Combined with tools like auto complete and Google Address API we help minimize the amount of data your user needs to input.

Deliver your best user experience

Keeping customers engaged can be a challenge especially with subscribers’ attentions being pulled in many different directions. Ensuring a seamless experience with tailored content is key to making sure your content is the attention-grabber. With Naviga Subscribe you can build and engage customers easily. Create the right branding across all of your content to ensure a cohesive look and feel. Integrate with new and modern payments to meet customers where they want to be. Or set up easy rules based logic to manage how and when subscribers get content so it is always just the right amount.

Naviga Subscribe


Connect your back-end systems to your front end subscriptions.

Billing system integration

Integrate with various payment and invoice processors. Generate Printed and eBilling renewals. Automate auto-renew payments and statements.  

Authentication system integration

Connect with 3rd party or home grown authentication systems including Auth0, Janrain and Gigya to leverage the systems you already have.

Circulation system integration

Integrate with different circulation systems including NCS Circ, CircPro, Saxo Circ and Matrix for subscription billing, management and revenue recognition. Support for local currencies.


Maintain the highest levels of subscriber engagement.

Connect with new payments method

Integrate modern payment methods, including Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal, with your existing systems to allow subscribers the flexibility to pay as they want. Integration with Spreedly payment gateway for Matrix circulation system.

Manage subscriber billing

Easily deliver, update and improve subscriber billing communications helping to maintain a quality subscription experience.

Define templates and brand

Create repeatable and on brand user interfaces with a templatized approach ensuring your audience receives a consistent and quality experience. 


Ensure your website is on brand.

Content management 

Alter images and text to meet your brand guidelines without writing a single piece of code. 

Workflow editing

Use drag-and-drop tooling to alter workflows to place a new start. 


Develop variations of your new start workflows to test and optimize what works best for your customers.


New subscription events


Payment transaction events


New paywall start events


Delivery issue and temporary stop events


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