From story idea to readers’ eyes, fast and easy

Naviga Content Creation Suite simplifies workflow management. Newsrooms and content teams can plan, write, edit and upload for multiple publishing platforms from a single browser-based view.

▹ Your content, your way, wherever you are

Your team knows best how to serve your readers. Naviga’s expertise will help you do so. The Naviga Content Creation Suite provides a highly customizable platform to accommodate your workflow and your tagging structure to present your stories for your audience. Naviga also knows that the modern newsroom isn’t always a “room.” The Content Creation suite is built to be accessible from wherever in the world you have an internet connection. 

▹ Use our tools, or develop with us

Naviga’s Content Creation Suite provides proven, out-of-the-box integrations with Naviga Web for digital presentation, Naviga News Apps for native mobile apps, and Naviga Print Production for print design. However, we don’t believe in vendor lock-in. The Naviga Content Suite is an open system, allowing you to develop your own applications within the Naviga environment to provide functionality you need to serve your readers your way. Our well-documented API suite facilitates integration of your Naviga content with other systems. 

▹ Serve readers, not technology

Your job is to tell stories for your readers. Writers, editors and photographers should focus on writing, editing, and photography; they should not also have to be technology experts. The Naviga Content Creation Suite is built to be easy to learn and easy to use. 

Creation Tools Features

Writing and editing

Powerful, feature-rich text editing in an easy-to-use browser application.

Customizable article structure

The platform-agnostic Naviga Writer provides the basic building blocks of an article, with no limits to the number of custom fields and attributes you need to present your stories.

Workflow and validation

Track your work through every step of the editing process and provide reminders to ensure your processes are being followed along the way.

Everything in one place

Articles, photos, sound and video travel together in one package through the workflow from idea to publication. Embed video and social media within articles with simply copy-and-paste, not code.  

Newsroom planner

Track plans and ideas in a simple browser-based view.

Link ideas and people

Who’s writing this story? Who is responsible for the photos? When can I expect it? Answer those questions with one click.

Events calendar

Keep your newsroom up to date on what’s going on in your community. The Events calendar helps guide coverage decisions and keeps the newsroom up-to-date.

Communicate plans

Send email to assignees when a task is created or updated, keeping reporters and visual journalists informed whether they are in the newsroom or in the field.

While it’s nice to have a great-looking print product, content is where newspapers really drive their value now.

Pat Stewart

VP of Development | Naviga

Photo management

Upload, tag and manage photos for publication.

Quick drag-and-drop

With a single action, photos are stored in the Open Content repository for both production and archiving. 

Metadata tagging

Import data from standard IPTC fields when uploading, or add/edit metadata after upload.

Simple search

Enter your search term and find the photos you need.


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