On-demand webinars

Naviga Ad and AdCellerant

NCS Content: The Consolidation of Print and Digital on Commerce (ZINIO)

What's New in Naviga Ad 2021.2 - General Features

What's New in Naviga Ad 2021.2 - Digital Features

Migrating to Naviga Content

Why Headless?

Web apps

Automated print production

Feed based mobile apps

Content and newsroom planning

Digital Editions: Why Less is More

Introducing Smart Layouts

Roadmap and Naviga Ad Overview

CRM and order management

Naviga Ad Production

Meet the challenges of passive churn and grow recurring revenue with Naviga & Vindicia

5 ways to future-proof your content (and your business)

3 game changing strategies to boost user engagement and reduce churn

Introducing Naviga's Content Solution

Introducing Naviga's Audience Solution

Introducing Naviga's Advertising Solution

Introducing Naviga's Commerce Solution

Whitepapers and eBook

Balancing print and digital

6 keys to ad sales pipeline visibility

The audience journey

Automating the print manufacturing workflow

7 data-driven ways to attract and retain subscribers

Intentional innovation: why going digital makes dollars and sense

How to fuel ad sales with your tech stack

5 ways to future-proof your content (and your business)

Case studies


The Independent South Africa

How Farm Journal is advancing digital operations with Naviga Ad

Sanoma and Naviga Commerce

Bonnier Corp. and Naviga Commerce

Hoffman Media and Naviga Commerce

Aller Media and Naviga Commerce

Äripäev and Naviga Content

UBM & Naviga Ad

Frontline Media and Naviga Ad

Product Demo

Naviga PageBuilder InDesign Demo

Naviga Content

Product Demo: Naviga Ad and Event

Product Demo: Naviga Discover

Product Demo: Naviga Engage

Product Demo: Naviga Subscribe

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