All the tools for print production within easy reach

The Naviga Print Production Workbench provides end-to-end management for print page design, workflow, image processing and output.

▹ See everything in one place

Assemble pages while tracking articles, photos, layouts and incoming wire items for print publication in one place. The Naviga Print Production Workbench integrates with the Content Creation Tools to provide print designers the essential functionality required to manage one or many publications.

▹ Design freely with tools you know

The Naviga Print Production Workbench is integrated with Adobe InDesign, providing your design team with familiar tools for creating their best work. All management of typography, page templates and prepress settings are handled using Naviga tools combined with standard InDesign functionality.

▹ Maximum efficiency with Layout Geometries

Naviga’s Layout Geometries allow you to create a centrally managed library of commonly used shapes, reducing the steps required to take a page from empty template to camera-ready. Combined with Adobe InDesign Server, Naviga’s Layout Geometries can reduce the number of steps required to complete a page by more than half, allowing designers to focus on high-impact designs for pages that grab readers’ attention. 

Naviga Print Production Features

Move your business forward with print automation.
Naviga PageBuilder creates camera-ready papers
delivered as InDesign files.

Automatic image processing

Prepare photos for publication with a single click.

Color conversion

Whether CMYK or grayscale, the image processing engine applies your profiles, settings and curves to ensure maximum photo quality. 

Crop and resize

With photos placed, the image processing engine crops them to the space provided, with no extraneous information being transmitted. Don’t like the result? Simply revert to the original photo, which always is preserved.

World-class processing engine

At the core of Naviga’s image processing is the Elpical Claro engine, used by thousands of publishers worldwide to employ the most up-to-date and efficient photo toning possible.  

Print is still the business that makes the most money, but we have more readership in the digital channels. Elastic Templates is part of how we are coping with that challenge. We are changing the workflow.

Peter Sigfridsson

Gota Media | Head of Production Development

Output management

Manage production for one or many publications.

Full PDF workflow

Use your PDF presets to prepare finished PDFs for printing.

On site or remote

Deliver your finished PDFs to your press or to a remote print site, with the proper settings applied. 

Integrate easily

Naviga’s flexible file-naming capability allows you to provide finished PDFs to downstream processes named the way those applications require. 

Fully hosted

Reduce your overhead with Naviga hosting in Amazon Web Services.

Simplify management

Access the Naviga Print Production workbench on any device that supports the Amazon Workspaces client, from anywhere you have an internet connection. 

No maintenance

Let Naviga handle OS patches, upgrades, monitoring and server maintenance while you focus on serving your readers and advertisers. 

Easy integrations

Export PDF files and XML files from the Naviga Print Production Workbench to third-party components, automatically or on-demand. 

The workflow


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