2021-12-15 Sam Applebaum

Naviga Best of the Best: End of the Year Blog Post Recap

Naviga recaps 2021 with a list of their top blog posts of the year.

In 2021, our employees continued to push out new, exciting features on the products you love best. In the midst of hosting webinars and working directly with customers, our team of product specialists also crafted great content to showcase Naviga’s solutions and their knowledge of the industry. In this blog post, we highlight some of the best blogs of 2021 and give you a look into what life at Naviga is like.


Lessons Learned from Capturing XML

Even though XML may be the most basic content tagging language, there is a lot to discuss around what it is and how Naviga solves challenges associated with it. Rob Underwood gives us an in-depth dive into everything XML and his experiences with it making this blog a can’t miss for content distributors.


The Future of Print Production is Here

“It is the biggest transformation we’re likely to see in print media in the next decade. It is Naviga Publisher powered by Sophi.io.” In this blog post, guest author Gordon Edall, VP of Sophi.io, takes a deep dive into the future of technology in the newsroom and shares everything you need to know about Naviga Publisher powered by Sophi.io. Learn just why it is a must have for every newsroom!


Naviga Hackathon: Inspiring Innovation with Cutting Edge Technology

On October 21st and 22nd, we held our first ever hackathon event with a goal of promoting innovation in a fun, competitive way. We had a great turnout with 27 participants from our Content Lab (mainly Sweden) and Zinio (Spain). Check out this blog to see how much of a success the Naviga Hackathon was and how it could be a great idea for your company! 


Audio Digest – Giving Readers a Whole New Way to Experience Content

Ever feel like the voice that reads your favorite content is too robotic? This blog post provides a sneak peek into Naviga’s new product, Audio Digest, which provides premium voice over talent for magazine issue highlights – including an example of what Audio Digest sounds like!


How 2020 Shattered Resistance to Paywalls and Premium Content

“Average subscriptions to media and news content from March to May 2020 were 110% higher than the baseline.” The events of 2020 showed the publishing industry that content is truly king. Why? People are buying premium content now more than ever to keep them informed, entertained, and connected. Learn all about it in this blog post! 


Naviga Leads the Jump to Content-First Solutions

Content-first is now the focus for publishers. In fact, an increasing amount of companies have been moving towards becoming a content-first solution provider. Read this blog post by Ben Edwards, Sales Director at Naviga, to see what being content-first means and which content-first solutions are most effective and efficient for optimizing your print and digital offerings.


Digital Transformation: An Inside Look at Naviga’s Customer Success Stories

To celebrate National Newspaper Week this year, we highlighted a few customer success stories and shared how they were able to improve their business with digital transformation.  Check out this blog post to see how Naviga’s solutions are helping publishing companies bridge the gap between print and digital.


While this is only a snapshot of all the content pushed out in 2021, these seven blog posts call attention to what Naviga has been up to this year. Still interested in more Naviga content? Check out our blog resources page to see all our blog posts and read new ones as they are published. Keep an eye on our social media accounts (linked below) and the blog to see what exciting topics are on the horizon for 2022! 


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