Create, enrich, deliver and monetize your content

Publishing Platform

The world is changing rapidly and keeping your audience’s attention is even more challenging. From shorter attention spans to greater competition to constantly evolving and more personalized content, building and maintaining a quality relationship with your readers relies on a multitude of factors. With the products in the Publishing Platform you can build the value that will keep people coming back.

Our philosophy is simple. We help you to create, enrich, deliver and monetize your content to manage engagements from end-to-end so you can focus on what matters most: building valuable relationships with your audience.

Unify the content experience

Authoring, management and publishing tools built to enable amazing content.

Naviga Content is a modern, comprehensive, and intuitive content creation platform that covers the full content process. From planning and creation for multiple channels, to storage and production, Naviga Content streamlines the content lifecycle across its unified solution suite. 

Content Creation

Writing, editing and planning are all covered with the Naviga Content suite of tools. There are solutions for every step of the content workflow.

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Developer Tools

The Naviga Content Platform also includes a robust set of APIs if your team wants to build out your own solutions, Naviga supports that, too.

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Print Production

Once the content is created, use the print production tools to handle layouts, auto process images and output to PDF for easy printing.

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Maximize efficiency through automation, empower your newsroom to work smarter with AI/ML technology for print manufacturing.

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Engage your audiences in a whole new way

Make your data actionable to deliver personalized experiences at scale.

In our information-heavy world, businesses can only succeed when they have data that is accurate, actionable and delivered fast. Naviga’s solutions supply the information you need. Determine the best subscriptions strategies with software that helps you understand the reader’s behavior, not just their demographics. Or access current financial, political and technical news from over 17,500 licensed and web-scraped sources, in 70+ languages, normalized for AI/ML and tagged for easy machine or human search. 

Our solutions also come with tools for analysis, visualizing data and sharing in multiple formats. Plus, they integrate with popular trading and business software. 

Reader Engagement

Deliver personalized and engaging experiences to segmented customer sets, helping drive prospects toward subscription.

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Subscription Management

Provide your readers an engaging and user-friendly experience that seamlessly connects with your backend systems.

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Data Driven Engagement

Drive better audience engagement with reporting and analytics that help strengthen your reader engagement.

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Distribution and Billing

The solution for managing all aspects of your distribution operations, including home delivery, single copy, marketing, billing, accounting and financial management.

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A modern ad sales ecosystem that drives your business

Manage the entire advertising workflow from lead management to cash collection.

You can have great content, enriched by premium sources and delivered by the most user-friendly platform available. However, to succeed, you need to monetize your news media.  

At Naviga, we have modern solutions for advertising sales and audience engagement. Our all-in-one solutions can handle the complexities of digital and print. They are built for international sales, too. Plus, they integrate with solutions like Salesforce and popular accounting software. 

Order Management System

Whether it is extending your stake in print, or focusing on digital, or venturing into exhibitions or digital services, Naviga has an order management system for your needs.

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Production Tools

The Naviga Advertising suite includes tools for managing the ad creation workflow, as well as full pagination and ad layout products.

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Ad Building Automation

Naviga offers solutions to replace manual workflows with dynamic, automated options that significantly cut production costs as well as generate new revenue streams.

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A modern ERP solution built for book publishing

Naviga helps publishers manage the supply chain from planning to fulfillment.

Naviga provides a quote-to-cash system built specifically for the book publishing and information delivery industries.

Book Management System

Naviga provides order management, rights and royalties, credit and collections solutions purpose built for managing your Book Publishing operation.

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