Flexible fulfillment, real-time digital access

Take control of your digital subscriptions with fulfillment powered by ZINIO.

Instant digital access

Add value to your existing print subscriber base by providing instant digital access to your current issues, avoiding print production delays.

New monetization opportunities

Increase circulation by offering print+digital combinations to further monetize your content.

Extend your content lifespan

Maximize revenue on evergreen content by offering archived issues on your site, utilizing ZINIO Fulfill’s API.

ZINIO Fulfill Features

Digital fulfillment & delivery

ZINIO Fulfill specializes in digital delivery and fulfillment services for transactions processed by publishers, agents and fulfillment houses.

Real-time digital access

Read magazines and newspapers directly with 1-click multi-channel delivery notifications including email and push.

Flexible authentication

Support for multiple authentication methods with several integrations and in-house solutions.

On-brand customization

Control your brand image with custom white label emails, landing pages and libraries.

API functionality

Deliver content in real time using API or FTP processing. Utilize API functionality to directly create users, subscriptions and entitlements across our platform and products.


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