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RSG Media helps M&E companies drive content and audience revenues, getting more from what they already have. Utilizing supervised & unsupervised machine learning, get easy management of key portfolios of content & IP rights, advertising, audience, promos, and branding/consumer product. RSG Media creates a programmatic foundation to drive sales, distribution, and optimize business operations, while creating measurable relationships with audiences.



Since 1986, the world’s largest Media & Entertainment networks, MVPDs, D2C, studios, and brand-licensors have selected RSG Media get the highest ROI from their investment in content, brand, and IP rights and associated finances. RSG Rights helps them manage rights, restrictions and obligations for Rights Acquisitions and Acquisition Finance, Rights Distribution & Distribution Finance, Talent Payments (Royalties & Participations), and real-time Avails.

Asset Maintenance

Use RSG Rights to manage all metadata, hierarchies, details and versions for content and IP assets. Ingest editorial and technical metadata and coordinate your content with MAM/DAM systems via APIs.

Rights In (Acquired and Commissioned Content)

Capture full deal terms for acquisition, production, commissioning, talent, channel carriage deals, VOD agreements, output deals, etc. Control rights across multiple dimensions, with the ability to automatically control content rights and viewer entitlements on downstream systems via APIs.

Acquisition Finance

Automate financial processing for Rights In deals and easily calculate royalties and payments to content providers. Not only that, but RSG Rights allows you to map sales, viewing and subscriber data to titles and contracts in Rights In.

Rights Out (Distribution & Sales)

Capture full distribution and syndication deal terms for third-party licensees and distributors. Easily enter details of payments, guarantees, royalties, revenue shares and rate cards while seamlessly defining rights and restrictions you grant.

Distribution Finance

Automate financial processing for Right Out deals and automatically recognize revenue based on asset, deal type, licensee, licensor, media type, etc. With RSG Rights, you can create and manage your forecasts and automatically true-up with actuals.

Talent Payments (Royalties & Participations)

Define accounting rules and a transaction dictionary for generating distribution GL transactions. Quickly and easily import, validate and process third party data while integrating with your General Ledger.


Calculate total rights availability from one or more databases, while managing rights across multiple libraries. RSG Rights has a rapid, cost-efficient implementation that allows you to scale on demand with next generation cloud-based serverless infrastructure.


You are in good company.

The world’s largest M&E networks, MVPDs, D2C, studios and brand-licensors select RSG Media


Consumer Product

In addition to content, RightsLogic can also manage the rights of products. With this platform, media companies can easily streamline royalty processing, allowing them to save money and time with centralized rights and deal management. The world’s largest brand licensors, including the 4 major sports leagues, use RSG Rights to streamline and manage their brand licensing deals.

Licensing X

Automate royalty processing with a fast, easy, and accurate service that allows your company to easily recognize revenue from royalty statements, saving licensees time and effort.

Print Publishing

Extract long-tail revenues from your libraries, whilst managing all the complexities of collecting and paying associated royalties and grants.

Music Publishing

RSG Rights manages the complex world of music publishing, including royalties and residuals for mechanicals, synch, and performance rights. Our systems are fully auditable and transparent.

Software Licensing

Ensure that all parties make and collect payments on time per the contractual terms in an easily auditable manner.

More than ever, media companies need to understand and engage their audience, to thrive amid the intense competition and the onslaught of new platforms. This task has become increasingly complex. RSG Audience uses machine learning to discern radical behavioral insights and deliver dynamic audience micro-targeting.


RSG Audience

RSG Audience uses machine learning to discern radical behavioral insights and deliver dynamic audience micro-targeting. It allows clients to forecast target audience activities with uncanny accuracy, and to craft data-driven approaches that strategically isolate, target, and serve audiences to advertisers, while taking ad spending from competitor networks.

Promo Research Portal

In today’s hyper-competitive media environment, TV marketers need to utilize a more scientific and tactical approach to promote programming. RSG Audience’s Promo Platform, Prophet, is an optimized marketing platform to maximize promo efficiency & effectiveness across both planning and scheduling.

Programming Research Portal

In recent years, the competition for viewer ratings has intensified and the revenues of the major networks have not kept pace with the costs of the programs. As profit margins decrease, the broadcast & cable networks seek to improve their viewer ratings with innovative scheduling strategies. RSG Audience’s Programming Research Portal, Scoop, enables program planners, schedulers and researchers to decode data for radical audience based insights.

Advertising Research Portal

Using the latest advancements in operations research, RSG Audience’s AdVant has developed a suite of modules that address the entire ad sales lifecycle – from initial strategic planning, scheduling, stewardship and reporting – to better manage your ad inventory.


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