Content syndication across the broadest array of marketplaces

ZINIO manages all aspects of digital distribution, allowing publishers to focus on creating great content.

Fully automated content conversion

ZINIO Distribute offers a state-of-the-art content production system, supported by a team with nearly two decades of experience in producing digital magazines and newspapers for every screen and device.

Partner channels that drive monetization

With hundreds of magazines on Amazon Kindle Newsstand, major brands on Apple News+, thousands of publications in over 10,000 public libraries around the world, ZINIO Distribute powers some of the largest consumer reading services on the market.

Multiple distribution outlets

Distribute your digital magazines on Naviga’s own ZINIO Newsstand, joining a catalog of 6,000+ digital magazines from around the world, or manage your own marketplace with Naviga managed apps and newsstands for tablet, smartphones, and desktop.

ZINIO Distribute Features

Create once, distribute everywhere

ZINIO Distribute provides one central repository from which publishers can manage, style and enhance content with customized templates, prior to global distribution across the broadest array of channels with an automated reformatting and publishing process.

Content ingestion & management

Ingest PDF or InDesign files for automated extraction and conversion to flexible XML, housed in one central repository.

Styling & template creation

Customize templates and CSS stylesheets to ensure your brand characteristics are brought to all digital products.

Reformat & distribution

Distribute across the broadest array of channels with automated, service-compliant reformatting of your content.

Remittance calculation & payment

ZINIO handles all reporting and payment calculations for every channel, freeing up time and resources for publishers.


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