2021-09-01 Tom Hodges

Automating Your Video Production with Naviga’s Wave2 Solution

Naviga releases their latest enhancement to their Wave2 automated marketing production solution with MP4 automation support.

Our Wave2 solution has always had a core objective to manage the growing number of channels that marketers and brand owners need to address. Today, that number is still rising – and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. With the continued increase, additional challenges are added to the localization of marketing campaigns.  

During 2021, Wave2 has focused on one of the largest challenges that our customers and partners face. This is the growing need and desire for enhanced processes around automation and localization of video production.  

Video Production with Adobe After Effects  

Wave2’s latest addition to the omni-channel solution is the ability to create templates with Adobe After Effects and output various formats, including MP4. Our customers have been able to significantly reduce their production costs and enhance their video targeting with a more localized approach to their regions within global organizations.  

Social Media Advertising 

The increase in demand for social media video advertising is certainly something that is a core priority for 2021 and onward. With our latest feature, local regions can perform language translations, video swaps, text changes, end/start card swaps, output resolutions, and more all on the fly within a very easy-to-use user interface.  

Self Service 

The Wave2 portal provides a very easy workflow for brand owners to enable their local regions to adapt and localize. This is managed by the Wave2 Engine that behind the scenes is following strict rules and guidelines to automatically fit, place and protect the designs and corporate image whilst empowering more personalized marketing experiences for their local regions.  

Agency and In-House Agency Production  

The second use case for the Wave2 solution is to provide automated production to agencies and in-house designers. With a simple data feed process, hundreds or thousands of outputs can be applied automatically – all created from master templates. This, as expected, provides significant time savings and cost reductions.  

But that’s not all 

Video isn’t all that we do. Wave2 is a fully omni-channel solution and supports the following channels as well: 

  • HTML5 animation  
  • Static and animated GIFs 
  • HTML email  
  • All forms of print with Indesign
  • Static digital with JPEGs  

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can further enhance your marketing and marketing production, please get in touch by emailing us at thodges@wav2.com. We would love to hear from you.