Engage your audiences in a whole new way

Turn your data actionable to deliver
personalized experiences at scale


Understand your customer.

Convert more organic traffic

Engage with your most valuable visitor segments to drive new subscriptions.

Dynamic paywalls

Offer dynamic and personalized promotions for prospects likely to subscribe.

Modern user experience

Easy-to-use, intuitive technology for both your subscribers and your internal sales and marketing teams.

Complete control

Control all subscription marketing offers in one central location.


Deliver personalized and engaging experiences to segmented customer sets, helping drive prospects toward subscription.

With easy-to-use functionality, on-brand experiences, and analytics that help you understand who is most likely to subscribe, Naviga Engage helps you make the most out of every engagement

In-Depth Analytics

Gain insights into prospective customers and uncover patterns of consumer behavior. 

Propensity to Subscribe Scoring

Increase revenue and circulation, assess a client’s lifetime value and perform profitability scoring.

Benefit from the latest integrations

Leverage built-in integrations with Subscribe with Google or Facebook Persistent Login to increase engagement and conversions.  

Full Flexibility

Run Javascript directly from Engage, enabling limitless opportunities .

Experiment with A/B Testing

Run paywall experiments on up to 8 target user groups and analyze results directly from the Engage dashboard, or within Google Analytics. 

Custom User Journeys

Segment your customers and prospective customers into targetable groups.


Provide your readers an engaging and user-friendly experience that seamlessly connects with your backend systems.

Utilizing a solution set that integrates with your existing systems, Naviga Subscribe creates a cohesive look and feel to deliver quick, easy and tailored audience engagement that’s built to last.

  • Connect your back-end systems to your front end subscriptions ensuring
    your customer information is where you want it, when you need it.
  • Integrate with existing systems and modern payment methods
    meeting your subscribers for a seamless user experience.
  • Manage offers, promotions, newsletters and more for
    greater subscriber engagement.

Drive better audience engagement with reporting and analytics that help strengthen your reader engagement.

Uncover actionable insight around both new and longtime subscribers to deliver impactful audience campaigns, and deepen the conversation across the full engagement lifecycle.

  • Ensure the accuracy and relevancy of your customer
    data with regular refreshes and data integrity checks.
  • Optimize engagements with data-driven subscriber
    targeting and campaign channels.
  • Deliver actionable insights with powerful analytics
    reporting on subscriber behaviors and outcomes.

Breadth and scale of Naviga Audience


Breadth and scale of Naviga Audience


New subscribers managed annually


Marketing emails sent annually


Monthly page views



Hear directly from our customers and learn what we are up to


7 Data-Driven Ways to Attract and Retain Subscribers


Learn how you can leverage the massive amounts of data pouring into your businesses to increase audience engagement, nurture subscriber relationships and ultimately grow revenue.


Introducing Naviga's Audience Solution


Check out this on-demand webinar to learn how our Audience Solution can help you maintain an engaged reader base.


Engage your audience at every step of their journey.
Build personalized engagements at scale.

Naviga Audience provides you with an end-to-end engagement lifecycle solution to help you understand and take action at every stage of the subscriber journey.​

During these challenging times, is your media organization equipped to evolve with the industry?

As print declines, reader expectations change and newsroom resources diminish, publishers need a highly strategic approach to achieve future growth. But with so many disruptions, it’s hard to figure out the best way to maintain an engaged reader base.

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Turn prospects into subscribers


Keep subscribers engaged


Unearth customer data to retain and optimize subscribers


Audience engagement

Segment your audience for a clearer view of the subscriber behaviour and drivers. Access engagement data and tools across all stages of the subscriber lifecycle.

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