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Naviga Content is a modern, comprehensive and intuitive content creation platform that covers the full content process. From planning and creation for multiple channels, to storage and production, Naviga Content streamlines the content lifecycle across its unified solution suite.

Choose the tools you need to fit your content workflow

Naviga Content is an easy-to-use suite of content authoring, management and publishing tools built to enable amazing content. It provides a customizable toolset for the modern multi-channel news organization.

Content creation

Content creation

Write, edit and add enrichments for specific media, and tag the article for presentation on all of its output channels.

Central repository

Central repository

Providing content to presentation solutions from a central hub. Through its well-documented modern API, news organizations can connect to Naviga presentation tools and/or to in-house presentation solutions.

Metadata management

Metadata management

Customize your metadata using a browser-based administrative tool that requires no coding and provides an easy-to-follow user interface to allow for creation and management of metadata.

Print production workbench

Print production workbench

Seamlessly integrate with Adobe InDesign for maximum efficiency, allowing for template-based production as well as free-form design using standard InDesign functionality.

Naviga Content houses applications for creation and management of stories, photos and incoming wire content, and provides the connection to presentation and production tools.

  • Accelerate your content creation process for both print and digital,
    through Naviga Writer’s single content user interface.
  • Easily store and retrieve digitally produced and published content
    from a fully searchable central repository with Naviga Open Content.
  • Control your metadata using the Naviga Concept Admin, an easy-to-use
    browser based administrative tool for metadata creation and management.
  • Customize your dashboard experience with plug-and-play add-ons including
    wire feed integration, newsroom story planning, photo and more.
We absolutely love it. I’ve worked here for 20 years and have been around for several system changes in the newsroom, but this is the first time that absolutely everyone is expressing 100% joy over it.

David Karlsson, Head of Development, Stampen Media

Naviga Publisher

Powered by Sophi.io
Use AI/ML to automate print production
workflows in your newsroom

Naviga Publisher, powered by Sophi.io, an artificial intelligence system by The Globe and Mail, automates the print manufacturing workflow for an entire publication.

  • Streamline and modernize your business through
    customized workflows to manage the entire production process.
  • Empower your team to focus on creating engaging content,
    not worrying about using a complicated, outdated set of tools.
  • Deliver a reliable, fully autonomous version of your paper without sacrificing
    the look and feel that your readers have come to know and love.
  • Unify the content creation and management
    experience for any channel - digital (ePaper) or print.

Naviga Templates empowers publishers to automate print layout elements, creating a foundation for increased digital resources and growth.

  • Spend less time adjusting articles to print with flexible layout templates
    that can automatically adjust elements to fit into a planned space.
  • Create a foundation for digital growth by empowering reporters to focus
    on conversion of users, digital automation and personalization.
  • Deliver a reliable, fully autonomous version of your paper without sacrificing
    the look and feel that your readers have come to know and love.
  • Powered by the go-to application for print page designers, Adobe InDesign.
    It can be configured for use in both InDesign Desktop and InDesign Server.

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