Managing ad sales doesn't have to be hard.

Get the visibility you need to drive your business

With multiple products across different systems and different teams for both print and digital, managing your business is hard. And to get insight into how it’s performing is even harder. With Naviga Ad, you get control, visibility and tracking of reporting and production so you always have a pulse on the business, driving better forecasting, accuracy and insights.

Remove friction in the sales cycle

Booking orders with multiple point systems isn’t fun. It can cause inefficiency through redundant order entry, and you may even need to provide “make-goods” to compensate for potential errors. Because Naviga Ad has the same user experience across the entire solution and a self-service customer portal, sales is more efficient and common mishaps are less likely to happen, leaving you with a high-performing and optimized business.

Dream up any advertising product—then support it on a single platform

You’re constantly reinventing yourself. And to do so, you need a platform that can support you. Not just for ad sales, CRM, production or billing—but for the entire ad sales lifecycle. Naviga Ad has you covered for any type of media business across magazines, newspapers, events and more.

Drive sales, not technical infrastructure

Your business is about driving revenue. So why should you have to worry about uptime, availability, and SLAs? Naviga takes care of all this so you can focus on what matters most: your customers.

Naviga Ad Features


Ad sales management has never been so easy.

CRM for Ad Sales

Track opportunities, pipelines and customer communications. Generate call lists and manage your email and calendar activities. View past and upcoming orders and create proposals combining any print, digital or exhibition product. You can even collect digital signatures and track commissions real-time.

Order Management & Billing

Handle any sales: impression-based digital advertising, sponsorships, custom content, traditional display and classified advertising. Manage orders separately or as packages, and create custom billing schedules with any number of installments or billing stages. Use the flexible templates to control how much detail you show on each invoice.

Production Workflow

Customer instructions, pick-ups, order details and sales rep notes – you’ve got it all. Set up and manage multiple production queues for print and digital products or break them up by production controller. Track production notes, send mass-email reminders to clients, and keep everyone in the loop.

Advertiser’s Portal

With Naviga Ad, your advertisers see their orders, invoices, ad materials, proposals and contracts online, anytime, from any device. Your clients can retrieve copies of invoices, proposals and contracts. They can submit or change content for upcoming orders, send comments to their sales rep, and pay invoices – even book and pre-pay for new orders through the same portal.

Digital Ad Management

Target ads by website, network, section and position, region, time of day, day of the week, custom key-values and more. Easily enter complex digital orders, send those orders to your ad server, and get the delivery results back. Track & manage impression-based and sponsorship/tenancy-based inventory.

Ad Server Integration

Inventory management and ad performance has never been easier. Naviga Ad automatically shares orders with your ad server and returns real-time performance information directly to your sales reps, production and ad ops teams.

Credit & Collections

Give your credit controllers the upper hand by keeping all client notes, interactions and information in one place. Organize accounts by aging, track call-backs and reminders, email copies of past due invoices, send collections letters… even generate statements on the fly and email with just a few clicks.


Naviga Ad offers a complete solution for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Fixed Assets. Smoothly handle your payables from invoices and create invoice and payment approval queues. Quickly import existing accounts from spreadsheets, or integrate with popular accounting systems like Netsuite, Peoplesoft and Great Plains.

Reporting & Analysis

Pipeline reports, year-on-year comparisons, sales performance and pacing reports, rankings, customer analysis, product analysis and sales rep reporting are all available. Naviga Ad’s dynamic analysis screens quickly provide accurate and up-to-the-moment information. Or use the optional ad-hoc reporting system to write custom reports. You can also schedule auto report generation and distribution.


Do what you do best: ad sales. We’ll handle the rest.

Built-In Software Upgrades

Never have to worry about downtime associated to upgrades ever again. With Naviga Cloud you always stay current.

Reduced Technology Overhead

Focus on strategic business initiatives instead of capital investments.

Single Vendor

Reduce management overhead and accountability with a single vendor to manage your business.

Secure Managed Data Centers

Achieve high levels of physical security through nondescript data centers providing high levels of redundancy and high availability.

Cyber Security

Naviga Cloud manages hundreds of customers through a dedicated cyber security team providing real time monitoring and proactive scanning.


Obtain highest levels of coverage through Naviga Cloud’s global Network Operations Center providing real time network operations consoles with integrated alerts, 24×7.

Private Virtual Cloud Stacks

Acquire global reach with scalable Amazon Web Services’s high performance and disaster recovery.

Industry Protocols

Obtain SOC1 & SOC2 auditing with full change control management and annual KPMG audit.


Advertising invoices generated each year


Advertising billing managed each year


Media business professionals rely on Naviga Ad


Publications, websites and digital properties supported


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