2019-06-03 Naviga

Introducing ZINIO

By Karina Fabian

We just brought all our companies together under our new name, Naviga, and already we’re adding more to the team. On May 30, we acquired ZINIO, a leading technology supplier for the digital magazine industry.

Most consumers know ZINIO as a digital newsstand for magazines and comics, but the technology under the hood is what really impressed us. ZINIO combines a SaaS-based content management architecture with an API platform that provides access to future digital distribution capabilities for global customers. In as little as an hour, a publisher can create a branded copy of its digital magazine for reading on a desktop or mobile device and have it formatted and ready for Amazon Kindle, Apple News and other distribution channels. Plus, ZINO provides turn-key content opt-in for all channels, giving publishers complete control over brand governance.

ZINIO’s comprehensive portfolio of enablers  – APIs, apps and content feeds  – makes it easy to deliver content to a wide range of digital magazine services. Because the enablers are modular, you have a great deal of freedom in distribution solutions, from simple article syndication to an end-to-end white-label newsstand supporting reading applications. ZINIO’s technology has helped magazines reach their audiences through libraries, inflight entertainment systems and more.

What’s even better, is that you don’t need to create a new version for each platform. ZINIO designed the content management platform with a guiding philosophy: Edit once, distribute everywhere. You can set and control all the elements, bring in video, add metadata and more, all at one time, and the software packages it for the needs of the different platforms.

ZINIO is at the forefront of technological and magazine publishing trends. Most recently, the team started ZINIO TV, a free streaming service for consumers that brings together premium video content from top magazines, such as Popular Science, Field & Stream, Dirt Rider, Outdoor Life, Motorcyclist, and many more. ZINIO TV’s mission is to help publishers expand the reach of their video content while providing consumers with free and unlimited access to the greatest selection of video content from their favorite magazine titles.

Over 350 magazine publishers are enjoying ZINIO’s platforms, and over 2 million readers use the ZINIO newsstand to access their favorite magazines. We’re excited to bring their technology to our customers and new markets. ZINIO has made it easy for magazines to jump in when a new digital opportunity presents itself. By adding ZINIO to the Naviga family, we believe we can bring that capability to other publishers as well.

Keep watch on our website for more information, but in the meantime, if you have questions about what ZINIO does (or can do for you), feel free to reach out to us at info@navigaglobal.com.

About the Author: Karina Fabian has been writing about business, leadership & management, and software applications for over a decade. Before joining Naviga, she wrote reviews of business software and services for Top Ten Reviews and Tom’s Guide, and about business practices and leadership for Business News Daily and Business.com. In addition to writing for Naviga, she is a freelance writer and author of 16 books.