2021-05-04 Naviga

Get All the Benefits of an In-Person Conference with the Virtual Navigate 2021 Conference

Author: Diane Attanasio, Business Systems Manager at Newsday Media Group

Those of us who fondly remember Naviga’s onsite conferences, the last of which was held in 2019, will recall that it was a fantastic opportunity to both learn and network. As many others were, I was extremely disappointed when the 2020 conference was forced to be cancelled, even though it was unavoidable due to the circumstances. While I am hopeful that there will be in-person Naviga conferences in the future, I am very glad that they will be doing the next best thing: hosting the upcoming Navigate 2021 virtual conference (in partnership with the iConnect User’s Group), to be held from May 17- 20th, 2021.

Many of the same benefits from the in-person conference will be incorporated into the virtual conference:

  1. Learn about Naviga’s exciting new products.
  2. Get up-to-speed about trends in the industry.
  3. Gain tips on Naviga’s existing products, from Naviga’s experts, as well as from experts at other customer sites, which you can readily share with your company.
  4. Bring your list of questions and get answers.
  5. Network and share general information with colleagues from other Naviga sites.

But that’s not all.

There will even be a more significant advantage: no traveling means that your site can have additional people attend who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to go to an onsite conference.

Of course, there is one thing you need to be careful of. Since you will be attending from the comfort of your (virtual) office, it may be tricky to carve out the time from your regular work schedule to sign up for and attend the individual sessions due to the demands of your job and the fact that you are not attending in person. But if you can plan your attendance ahead of time, it can be done. Naviga, along with the iConnect User’s Group, has posted the session schedule ahead of time to help assist you in your planning.

So please register for free today for the Navigate 2021 Virtual Conference, and sign up to attend sessions. You will find it well worth your time. Please also share this with anyone else from your organization who can benefit from this conference.

To register, click here.

To check out the conference agenda, click here.

About the Author:

Diane Attanasio is a Business Systems Manager at Newsday Media Group in Long Island, NY. She has been working in the media/publishing industry since 1984. She is also serves on the board of the iConnect Users Group. She can be reached via email at diane.attanasio@newsday.com or on Twitter at @diane_attanasio.

About iConnect:

The iConnect users group represents companies who use products formerly from Atex, which are now owned by Naviga. These include AdBase, DTIConnect, Saxotech, and Mediaspan. Connect with them on Twitter (@icsusers) or at their website, www.iconnectsolutions.org.