We took a deep dive into trends in the media and publishing industry to learn how to do this on 21 April, with one of our newest team members, Ben Edwards, as he started his webinar series “Lessons from COVID-19 and Strategies for 2021: Publisher Innovations Driving Success.”

So what’s in store for you in this webinar?

Get real data to help you make smart decisions

There has been a lot of innovation – and challenges – across media as the pandemic forced the industry to pivot and catapult into the future. Due to this, it’s valuable to look back and learn who has launched what in print and digital, unique revenue diversification strategies and how to balance the threats and opportunities from social media giants.

We also looked at subscription, advertising, and data trends across newspapers as well as both B2B and B2C magazines. Most of the webinars in this series will likely touch on the latest promotions or incentives on the product side, and changes to newsrooms and content strategies on the editorial side – as there is often plenty of change in both areas to benchmark or gain inspiration from.

An inside look at UK and global market

Ben is based in the UK, so whilst there is a keen understanding of this market, he aims to highlight recent and intriguing publishing examples from further afield too – meaning there’s a good mix for clients and potential Naviga publishers too.

The UK market is an interesting one, as there is a very competitive national newspaper market, plus several large regional groups, up against a well-funded public broadcaster. Digital platforms such as Facebook (and therefore Instagram), Google, and Twitter have eaten huge parts of advertisers’ budgets, whilst TV, OTT, streaming services including music and video inevitably compete for attention and wallet-share on the subscription side.

Learn the latest tips for driving revenue and cost savings

Magazines – both consumer and B2B – have been disrupted by COVID-19, with events often significant pieces of the revenue cake, but several major players have excellent subscriptions and data businesses to drive revenue. There are often a lot of very interesting and diverse revenue streams, such as subscription boxes, online events, retail operations, brand licensing, big data plays and more, which others can learn from.

The webinar series will also look at cost efficiencies – with some brands restructuring / downsizing, or stretching newsroom resources – but always with a focus on what solutions can help maximise content-creation, as many independent or group-owned titles have flourished under new management, ownership or from big strategic changes.

If you’re interested in seeing the first webinar in this series, you can watch the OnDemand video here.