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The Top 8 Things to Look Forward to at Navigate 2021

Navigating a sea of change requires a partner. That's what Navigate 2021 is all about.

Navigating the ever-changing sea of global publishing and media requires a committed partner. That’s what Navigate 2021is all about.

During our free user conference, we will explore all facets of the content engagement journey to help pinpoint where new value can be found. With a little help from our friends, including industry experts, our in-house subject matter experts and customers that have successfully navigated through this journey, we will explore:

· What it means to make and deliver great content

· What a quality engagement strategy looks like

· How businesses can optimize monetization in a variety of ways

If you’re thinking about attending and want to learn more about what you can expect at Navigate 2021, here’s a sneak peek of the top eight things to look forward to:

  1. Hear the latest information about the state of the industry during our keynote speech with Scott Roessler, CEO of Naviga.
    Join us for our kickoff event at 11:00 AM EST on Monday, May 17th where Scott Roessler will discuss the success our customers have been seeing on the Naviga Content Engagement Platform, where the industry is today and what the future outlook looks like, and how you can emerge out of the pandemic successfully.
  2. Unravel the complexities of the content creation process.
    Content is the driving force of media, no matter the channel. Content is also the driving force of your business. Yet, finding, creating, and distributing content can seem a bit… complex. From uncovering the information that informs business decisions to crafting truly compelling content to delivering that content in an impactful way, how well a business navigates this process directly impacts the customer experience and the bottom line. We’ll show you how to leverage, craft and optimize content during our “Content: Cultivating a Foundation of Content” breakout track, as well as provide an inside look at how print automation is shaping the future of print production.
  3. Network with peers in your industry.
    Grow your network in one-on-one calls in between track sessions to discuss key takeaways or just chat about how you’re enjoying the conference! When you join the networking page in our event platform, you’ll be randomly connected with another networking attendee for a three-minute conversation. At the end, you can either choose to extend the call for three more minutes or exchange contact information to stay in touch after the meeting!
  4. Get key insights and strategies on improving audience engagement.
    Keeping your audience engaged is key to success in today’s publishing landscape. One good piece of content doesn’t make a quality engagement. To really build a lasting audience relationship, today’s modern business must build journeys that engage at the right time, the right frequency and at the time and place of a reader’s choosing. Building that custom journey requires not only good content, but insight into the reader, their behavior and what really compels them to act. We’ll be sharing just how to do this during our “Audience & Circulation: Engagement Designed to Last” breakout track.
  5. Hear stories from current customers on their experience with Naviga products.
    Sprinkled across our tracks are customer-focused sessions, where we share inside information on how some of the key players in the industry are using Naviga products today. We’re excited to share that you’ll be able to hear stories from customers like TCM, Bayard Inc, Scribd, The Hockey News, Farm Journal and more. You won’t want to miss these sessions!
  6. Get an inside look at how to simplify your tech stack and fuel revenue increases.
    Optimizing revenue channels starts with modernization. From cloud-based technology to streamlined processes and easy to use tooling, ensuring your ad revenue meets your business user and partner expectations is paramount to improving the bottom line. Learn how you can do this in our “Advertising: Modernization that Fuels Monetization” track.
  7. Get answers to all of your questions about Naviga’s Content Engagement Platform.
    Step into our virtual booths to get a closer look at the solutions we offer. We’ll have Naviga experts available in the booths so you can get all of your burning questions answered – no appointments required. Don’t forget to stop by our EMEA booth to learn about what is happening across the pond.
  8. Learn how to fully monetize your digital content.
    With a complex ecosystem of formats and distributors, many publishers struggle to commit the time and resources necessary to succeed in today’s ever-changing publishing landscape. Learn how Naviga Commerce offers publishers an end-to-end solution to seamlessly create, stylize, distribute, and monetize content at scale during our “Commerce: Digital Delivery that Transforms Your Business” track.

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Curious about iConnect? Don’t worry, the user group-led iConnect conference has merged into Navigate so that we can bring you the best content, all in one place. Check out our iConnect sessions on Wednesday and Thursday for the same great content and the most robust event experience!