Features of Naviga Web

Out-of-the-box, digital content presentation

Hero Edge


Build front pages and sections fast and easy

Naviga Web is an out-of-the-box presentation layer for the digital universe. It has never been faster or easier to set up your front page, menus and section pages – and content management for specific devices is a standard feature. Naviga Web is a complete setup and a series of plugins for WordPress that connect your site to the Open Content backend and enable the page structure tool, Everyboard. You can connect your Everyboard to one or more pages, plus embed boards within in each other.

Built on WordPress

WordPress is a huge CMS-platform used by thousands of sites big and small. Many plugins and widgets work out-of-the-box.

It’s easy to get started with the Naviga Web platform –with PHP, WordPress and JavaScript, you are good to go!

We put a lot of effort in Naviga Web to make it easy for the editorial department to work day to day. Everyboard and OC Lists are examples of this.

Production Management helps you keep track of key information about your products and projects from concept through completion, including copious amounts of metadata, financial information, notes and schedules – all in a shared database.

Spend less time on server issues; let us handle the hosting. Develop yourself or get our application support for running issues.

Thanks to front-end scaling, we can handle your page view.